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an uncontrollable desire to set fire to things

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But as effective, essential, and satisfying as violence can be, those of us with even an atom's weight of conscience within us know what usually comes next after those fleetingly orgasmic, pyromaniacal moments of rage: the guilt, the shame, the regret; "whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame" (by the way, moments later after the elysian orchestra ascended once again to heaven, I gave snotty-nose my hand and pulled him up; our eyes met; glances of mutual respect were exchanged; weeks later he was in my room and we were playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega Megadrive.
He'd wearied of "carrying water" to try to save this pyromaniacal majority from itself.
The Seattle band, which also includes pyromaniacal drummer Tommy Sparks and screeching guitarist JayMe LayMe, recently released its second album, "Sweat Soaked and Satisfied.
But what if someone gets pyromaniacal next year, when Garden's young "sleuths with lesbian moms" series, Candlestone Inn Mysteries, debuts?
Helen Stenborg is riveting in her two scenes of high humor as the doddering, pyromaniacal Sarita Myrtle.