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a person with a mania for setting things on fire

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FANCIED Tony Martin's Pyromaniac (right) will have his fans at the Curragh in Cesarewitch
Pyromaniac has clearly been trained for this race for some time and on his best form he has an excellent chance.
And, until the review is completed, Pyromaniac is free to run.
And there were sufficient fire-flashes to satisfy even the most fiendish pyromaniac.
The first was during a chance meeting with an old friend in the police force, who showed me some of the weaponry he is forced to carry in case of a mob attack by pyromaniac youths, threatening to turn rioting and tyre-burning into a national pastime.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)-President Bashar al-Assad underlined that the Israeli aggression on the Freedom Flotilla has destroyed any chance for peace in the near future and proved that the Israeli current government is a pyromaniac government and we cannot achieve peace with such government.
He said this was so "mainly because it proved that this government is another pyromaniac government, and you cannot achieve peace with such [a] government".
There was the pyromaniac, who liked to set fire to said Post-its, and almost everything else.
When I was her age, I'd had similar ideas of love as something made manifest in crime and danger: who didn't dream of the pyromaniac setting fires to win her attention?
Some say the stalemate is due to the Commission's inflexible attitude: rather than playing the fire brigade on this issue, its attitude is closer to that of a pyromaniac.
Michael's father, a local fire chief, is a pyromaniac.
Flames, in fact, figured high in this pyromaniac performance - breathed from face masks, shot from fingertips, blasting 60ft into the air from cannons and wreathing microphone stands.
The pyromaniac does not make a very good firefighter.
We know that Torchy is a pyromaniac, but is he also a pedophile?
Martinez has seemed at times to be a kind of political pyromaniac, less interested in putting out fires or harnessing their energy than in fanning the flames and basking in their glow.