pyroligneous acid

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a red-brown liquid formed in distillation of wood which contains acetic acid, methanol, acetone, wood oils, and tars


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The to tal N in soil increased after planting in herbicides and/or pyroligneous acid treatments especially in AC50%, AC50%+RV500 and BCB50%.
Although, we cannot fully account the herbicides by pyroligneous acid interaction which enhanced herbicidal activity and this increase could be due to the effects of acidity and nutrient contents of RV and WV.
Several studies have shown the positive effects of pyroligneous acid on plant growth and such benefits retained when combined with herbicides (Jianming, 2003; Pangnakorn et al.
Pyroligneous acid promote nutrient availability such as N utilization efficiency and P availability; and improve the overall soil health by inducing microbial activities and functions (Steiner et al.
Effect of mixture of charcoal with pyroligneous acid on sucrose content in netted melon (Cucumis mello L.
I- Effect of pyroligneous acid on the growth of rice seedlings.
Effect of chemical compounds in pyroligneous acid on root growth in rice plants.
The nodal points of the cuttings were wounded with a clean razor blade and dusted with 1% IBA or dipped in solutions of coconut water and pyroligneous acid [1].
Effects of IBA, coconut water and pyroligneous acid on rooting and mini tuber initiation in yam vine cuttings;
Root formation was observed on vine cuttings from TDr 335 and TDr 93-49 treated with IBA, coconut water and pyroligneous acid and control treatments three weeks after planting (WAP).