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a rise in the temperature of the body

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It was clearly evident that infections have increased with increasing period of latency with puerperal pyrexia occurring in 45.
tail flick method in rats and acetic acid-induced writhing in mice, and for evaluating antipyretic activity, baker's yeast-induced pyrexia method was used.
Value of Bone marrow Examination in Pyrexia of unknown origin JPN 2013; 3: 447-51.
Despite a VAP being treated with culture-directed antimicrobial agents and antifungal medication, and all fractures being internally fixed, her pyrexia and tachycardia persisted.
The most common adverse reactions (incidence greater than or equal to 25%) in patients treated with Halaven were fatigue, neutropenia, nausea, alopecia, constipation, peripheral neuropathy, abdominal pain, and pyrexia, which was consistent with the known side-effect profile of Halaven.
Leading causes of classic pyrexia of unknown origin Infection Neoplasms Tuberculosis Lymphoma Occult bacterial abscess Renal carcinoma Endocarditis Atrial myxoma Brucellosis Infection Connective tissue Tuberculosis Still's disease Occult bacterial abscess Variants of rheumatoid arthritis Endocarditis Systemic lupus erythematosus Brucellosis Temporal arteritis Polymyalgia rheumatica Infection Other (geographical) Tuberculosis Familial Mediterranean fever Occult bacterial abscess Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease Endocarditis Melioidosis Brucellosis Pyrexia of unknown origin defined as temperature >38.
Frequencies and percentages were calculated for qualitative variables like diagnosis of missed and incomplete abortions need for cervical dilatation levels of pain incomplete evacuation uterine perforation excessive bleeding pyrexia and patient satisfaction.
The percent effect of PA in yeast induced pyrexia test at various doses is demonstrated in Fig.
The most common adverse events re ported in patients treated with entecavir through 48 weeks were peripheral edema (16%), ascites (15%), pyrexia (14%), hepatic encephalopathy (10%), and up per respiratory infection (10%), according to the company statement.
Admission overnight and intravenous antibiotics were required, due to pain at the insertion site and a low-grade pyrexia, assumed to be due to urinary infection.
In the appropriate clinical setting, however, US can be a vital tool in the assessment of patients with abdominal symptoms and in patients with an unexplained pyrexia in whom the chest X-ray is normal and sputum examination for acid-fast bacilli is negative.
A genus of the order Febres, class Pyrexia, of Cullen's nosology" (J.
Examination revealed low-grade pyrexia (38[degrees]C) and the presence of a diffuse, minimally tender, nonfluctuant swelling that measured approximately 6 x 6 cm in the right suboccipital region.
Intravenous antibiotics are continued until the pyrexia subsides, after which they should be administered orally for a total of 6 weeks, or until infective markers have normalised.