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a degenerative state of the cell nucleus


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Meanwhile, the liver showing different stages of necrosis of hepatic cells and pyknosis (first stage of necrosis) as shown in (photo, 12).
ONL nuclear deformations (arrows) were observed in (A) control ONL nucleus and as (B) nucleolus condensation, (C) karyolysis, (D, E pyknosis, and (F) karyorrhexis.
Apoptosis is a highlyregulated process that is morphologically characterized by cell shrinkage, nuclear pyknosis, chromatin condensation, fragmentation of DNA, changes to the distribution of specific lipids within the plasma membrane, and blebbing of the plasma membrane (Danial & Korsmeyer, 2004).
Prenecrotic changes, including pyknosis and cellular swelling, were observed in connective tissue cells, and necrosis of both connective tissue and oocytes (atresia) was observed in several instances.
The enterotoxin is tight-junction specific; causes rounding, swelling, and pyknosis of cultured enterocytes; and induces a fluid response in ligated intestinal loops and a cytotoxic response in the HT-29 colon cell line (7).
The changes observed included vacuolation, irregular spindle shapes, lack of cell aggregates and occasional pyknosis.
The most important changes include: nuclear pyknosis or fragmentation, chromatin margination, dense perinuclear condensation and the appearance of vacuoles, even in cells that overexpress the anti-apoptotic proteins Bcl-2 and Bcl-[x.
Ooplasmic vacoulation and GC pyknosis remarkably increased in follicles less than 200 [micro]m in size in comparison to other sizes of follicles in the test groups.
We previously showed that expression of either dnCREB or shCREB (short hairpin CREB) does not induce nuclear pyknosis, increase levels of cleaved caspase-3, or significantly alter MAP2B-EGFP expression or dendritic morphology in hippocampal neurons grown in the presence of the serum-free supplement, B27 (Wayman et al.
4] for 28 consecutive days developed a high degree of steatosis with severe cytoplasmic vacuolation and wide spread hepatocellular necrosis with nuclear pyknosis and karyolysis.
With respect to HE staining, viable neurons were defined as neurons in which a clear nucleus could be seen, and ischemic damaged neurons exhibited features including pyknosis and shrunken cell bodies.