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a degenerative state of the cell nucleus


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d) Photomicrograph of a section of liver (H & E; x100) from a mouse treated with acetaminophen shows extensive centrilobular necrosis, hydropic degeneration of hepatocytes, destruction of central vein endothelium, karyolysis, pyknosis, and karyorrhexis of nuclei.
51: Acute deformation of the portal area, degeneration and disappearance of pyknosis (arrow (X400 PAS).
Morphological changes including nuclear chromatin condensation, dense staining gathered at the nuclear membrane, pyknosis or fragmentation of apoptotic bodies were observed by LSCM for qualitative analysis.
The late changes include periportal fibrosis with irregularity of lining cholangiocytes of the intrahepatic ducts represented by vacuolization, nuclear pyknosis, infiltration by inflammatory cells, thickening, progressive atrophy and disappearance of ducts.
catla kidneys after exposure to BPA were necrosis, hypertrophy of glomerulus, degeneration and dissociation of renal tubules and Bowman's capsule, proliferation in the renal tubule and haemopoieatic tissue, shrinkage of glomerulus, pyknosis, dilated blood vessel, rupture of Bowman's capsule, and obliterated Bowman's space.
Hepatocyte nuclei showed lightly stained, uneven chromatin pattern and pyknosis in many cells.
Diagnoses of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Mild Moderate Severe Present diagnoses OSA OSA OSA of the patients (n) (n) (n) Obesity 1 0 5 Snoring 5 6 5 Chronic lung disease 1 0 0 Neuromuscular disease 0 1 2 Congenital anomaly 1 0 2 Skeletal anomalies 1 0 1 Epiglottis stenosis 1 0 0 Pyknosis 2 0 2 Prader-Willi syndrome 0 1 2 Mucopolysaccaridoses 0 0 2 Tracheostomy and noninvasive 1 0 1 ventilation titration OSA: obstructive sleep apnea
H&E stained sections of the STZ-induced diabetic group showed myocardial disarray accompanied with loss of the normal striated architecture of the cardiomyocytes with presence of characteristic degenerative changes of the nuclei in the form of pyknosis, karyorrhexis, and karyolysis (Figure 1(b)).
used electron microscopy to detect degenerative changes in perilesional melanocytes of non-segmental vitiligo patients in the form of vacuolization of the melanocytic cytoplasm, pyknosis of nuclei, and peripheral margination of chromatin (46).
18 Changes in epithelium observed in the patients with OSF shows mostly epithelial atrophy, or epithelial hyperplasia, keratosis with either hyper orthokeratosis or hyper parakeratosis, pyknosis in basal layer nuclei, lack of glycogen in severe Grade III scenarios, intercellular edema, hyalinization occurring close to epithelium and collagen with diverse thickness19 vacuolization of prickle-cell layer, amplified mitotic activity, Increased levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduced antifibrotic interferon have also been demonstrated in patients with OSF and atypical epithelium changes20 with moderate epithelial hyperplasia eventually resulting in squamous cell carcinoma.
The results showed micronuclei on lesional side of buccal mucosa with karyorhexis and occasional pyknosis on both lesional and opposite side before radiation (Figure 2, 3 and 4).
Staining with DAPI revealed DNA fragmentation and nuclear pyknosis (features of apoptotic nucleus) in a dose response manner in HeLa treated cells which were compared with untreated cells with normal intact nucleus (Figure 4C).
Kidney of the G2 group which was regularly supplied by citrinin shows damaged cell, combining nuclear chromatin behind the nuclear (Nuclear Margination), and Nuclear pyknosis, and the cytoplasm free of dye (Fig.
Areas of necrosis were also obvious and were indicated by increased eos-inophilia, pyknosis and disintegrating nuclei.