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Synonyms for putt

hitting a golf ball that is on the green using a putter

strike (a golf ball) lightly, with a putter

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hit a putt

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THAT SINKING FEELING Rose is ready to hit the practice green to make sure his putts start to go in
Distances were separated for the potential effect of length on the outcome of the putt.
If the ball goes a long way past, Palmer could miss the par putt and need two birdies just to get to the uncertainty of a playoff.
When standing over a short putt, stay relaxed with a nice light grip pressure.
But before you hit the miniature golf course, study these lessons from physicist Sir Isaac Newton and learn how to sink putts with ease.
He chipped out to 6ft, then made the par putt - while the American in me.
18 in two -- featuring a 372-yard tee shot -- and sank an eagle putt just inside 26 feet to take the lead by oneshot.
Force yourself to make five or six in a row to end the session - even if you have to putt from six inches to do it
There is a famous saying in golf that 'you drive for show and putt for dough'.
ERNIE ELS admitted he was already being haunted by the putt he missed to win the Open.
The general rule is that if a putt looks level but there are slopes around the green that fall from left to right, then the putt will break that way too.
They also suggested that confidence measures be obtained immediately (two to five minutes) prior to the task being examined (free-throw, putt, serve) during competition (in a contest, not practice).
He had about an 18-inch break to the right but said the main thing for him on that putt was the speed.
I have no confidence in my putting and would rather chip from 20-25 feet than putt.