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Synonyms for putrefaction

Synonyms for putrefaction

a state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor

(biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action

moral perversion

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Although the natural processes of disintegration, death, and putrefaction may be abrogated in the bodies of the Virgin and her Son, they are impossible to ignore in the experience of mortal man.
Consequently, the formation of similar amounts of putrefaction gas can be expected during decomposition.
De temps a autre, une odeur de cadavre en putrefaction empuantit l'atmosphere.
People eat, sleep, and "live" amid the putrefaction.
It is evidently not dead as decomposition and putrefaction do not take place.
Homer's has become a death's head, with a look that reflects the putrefaction of an entire social order, and returns the gaze of any member of the audience willing to see the lack structuring self and community.
The MP indicated that the rules of the political game have changed and for this reason it is only natural this putrefaction to take place.
Rancid green face, hands, feet and wounds have already begun to succumb to putrefaction.
It is possible the Ur specimens were heated (or smoked) to reduce putrefaction and enhance preservation.
The internal collapse and putrefaction of the body give substance to this hollowness.
Imagine the investigators on CSI working without the modern tools of forensics: no DNA, no ballistics lab, not even a basic knowledge of putrefaction to establish time of death.
The autopsy report says Hemraj's body was in an advanced state of putrefaction.
Only a third of the marinated meat was fresh, more than a half showed signs of putrefaction and around 15% was putrefied.
The current stalemate is another headline for the putrefaction of the current situation and the decay of the breaks preventing its transformation into a security and field collapse.