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the outer reddish part of the lenticular nucleus

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Hypertensive putaminal hemorrhages (HPHs), the most common location of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages (ICHs), often result in severe morbidity and high mortality rate.
One possible explanation could be acute putaminal dysfunction, secondary to hyperglycemic or hyperosmolar insult.
Methanol intoxication with putaminal and white matter necrosis: MR and CT findings.
In the studies of Zhao and cols (16), where it was compared the results obtained with aspiration guided by tomography to microsurgical aspiration through minicraniotomies of putaminal spontaneous hematomas, it was not found any benefit of a technique when compared to the other as for morbidity or mortality.
13) Preferential involvement of occipital, thalamic and putaminal areas occur in SSPE.
asymmetric) gradient of putaminal more than caudate nucleus dopaminergic denervation [11], were excluded from this study.
Hacke (1998) 9 patients after 16 episodes acute space- treated with occupying hemispheric HS-HES and stroke (8) 14 episodes or hypertensive treated with putaminal hemorrhage mannitol.
Improvement of obsessive-compulsive disorder following left putaminal hemorrhage.
The striatonigral degenerations, putaminal pigments and nosology.
This tonic inhibition of STN is reduced by activity in the indirect pathway from putaminal GABA/enkephalin cells which inhibit GPe.
sup][5] who described a 39-year-old man with acute putaminal hemorrhage with the coexistence of both anomalies.
Putaminal necrosis with or without haemorrhage are the most frequent reported findings.
The most common one is Subcortical regions of Brain including putaminal hemorrhages.