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They're not a bit afraid, when they're put together, and usually they're very jolly and pleasant.
There my workmen, that is to say, the brave men that I instructed and educated, and myself have put together our Nautilus.
It's the same principle as the principle in the 'Puzzles' which we used to put together when I was a boy.
Thirdly, to say as all his things is to be put together, and give to anybody as we sends for
When they got to the ship they found the crew waiting by the water side, and Telemachus said, "Now my men, help me to get the stores on board; they are all put together in the cloister, and my mother does not know anything about it, nor any of the maid servants except one.
Longfellow's "Miles Standish" came out that winter, and I suspect that I got vastly more real pleasure from that one poem of his than I found in all my German authors put together, the adored Heine always excepted; though certainly I felt the romantic beauty of 'Uhland,' and was aware of something of Schiller's generous grandeur.
I need not, madam," said Allworthy, "express my astonishment at what you have told me; and yet surely you would not, and could not, have put together so many circumstances to evidence an untruth.
The pieces of the puzzle are not all put together yet.
We scarce ever met together but he was inviting me to go that journey; telling me how he would show me all the glorious things of that mighty empire, and, among the rest, Pekin, the greatest city in the world: "A city," said he, "that your London and our Paris put together cannot be equal to.
At the same time there was another power that was a trifle stronger than both of us put together.
Well, he saw he had excited her more and done more harm than all the rest put together, so he was vexed at himself and wished he had kept still.
And he gave it for his opinion, "that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.
But she made more ado over the sore wrist than Robin had received for all his former hurts put together.
the little fellow looked as well pleased as if it had been given by all the judges and juries in England put together.
Being badly made it was taken apart and put together again, by the light of the fire.