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Main features: put to work safety standards PMR fire and accessibility of school and town hall building with extension of the kindergarten
The gang promised the eastern Europeans wages and accommodation but when they arrived in the UK they were put to work in harsh conditions, often beaten or threatened, and given "inhuman" accommodation, Northampton Crown Court heard.
Children orphaned in outer space are put to work on the Rings of Orbis when they're rescued--but Johnny discovers he's the first human Softwire, with a gift that allows him to enter any computer with his mind--and which makes him the focal point of a struggle between the Keepers who rule Orbis and the Council which wants him dead.
When he arrives in England, because of his farm experience, he is put to work training horses for the cavalry.
Several of their suggestions were put to work at the national judging and will also be present at the national ceremony.
Military leadership principles translate well to business environments, and Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles I Learned In The Miliary And Put To Work For Donald Trump tells where Trump apprentice Perdew got his ideas.
On vacation, he says, that passion can be put to work building "community relationships" and "fostering continuity in the midst of incessant change.
And he called for the vandals, once they have been caught, to be put to work for the benefit of both residents and tourists.
Adding to the challenge, due to the slow economy, many corporations have abundant cash on hand, just waiting to be put to work.
En route to a 2004 rendezvous with Saturn, the craft has already been put to work, verifying a key prediction of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.
Sources tell us that George Soros is one major donor, and that Hillary Clinton's fundraising network will be put to work on behalf of the fledgling organization; the institute's movers and shakers want to raise $5 million this year and spend at least $10 million in 2004.
This inflow of money is a key determinant of American prosperity because this money is put to work for the nation and produces more jobs, higher standards of living, and general prosperity.
We're committed to deliver 'on-the-fly' configurations so systems can be put to work now-not remain in inventory-all part of our one-stop source for cost-effective products and support.
MTMC's Azores Detachment unloaded engineering equipment from the MV Strong Patriot that was put to work by soldiers within 24 hours.