put to sleep

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Synonyms for put to sleep

help someone go to bed

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kill gently, as with an injection


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He was found to have cancer and had to be put to sleep.
She said: "Paul has been recognised by the NCDL for the outstanding achievement of not only dramatically reducing the number of stray dogs in his region, but also cutting the number of healthy stray dogs that are put to sleep under the Environmental Protection Act.
I should also like to make it quite clear that none of the cats has been put to sleep - Cats Protection has a non-euthanasia p olicy and cats in our care are only put to sleep on the advice of a vet.
All animal sanctuaries have a policy not to put to sleep a healthy animal, no matter where the animal came from.
A paddock official then came and told me she'd been put to sleep.
A second cow was later put to sleep as it was in distress following the collision.
Meikle's comments about the programme It's Me Or The Dog, I too am a huge animal lover and was uneasy seeing the dog after it was put to sleep.
This year 412 dogs have been put to sleep in the region, up from 200 last year.
This poor creature was put to sleep humanely and swiftly.
The greyhound was put to sleep after suffering unimaginable pain.
Three puppies were donated by Davy Harkins, a school board member who operates a shelter where animals are put to sleep for the local pound.
RUSHEEN PICTURE had to be put to sleep after shattering a hock during the second semi-final of the Kent Derby at Sittingbourne last Thursday, writes Jim Austin.
Hundreds of stray dogs are being put to sleep in the North East, despite a fall in the number of dogs being put out on the streets.
I might draw the line at having them put to sleep if they're not claimed.