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Synonyms for shame

Synonyms for shame

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


to damage in reputation

Synonyms for shame

a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt

an unfortunate development


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

compel through a sense of shame

surpass or beat by a wide margin

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The problem is, this is only one part of the job we'll have to perform if we want to avenge Newman of past injustices--and put to shame those who still dismiss the work today (the most vocal being Hilton Kramer and Robert Hughes).
The old arcades in Cardiff put to shame the new shopping developments with their uniform appearance and replicated shops.
And yet when he talks about topics such as violence against gays, a passion comes into his voice and a fire burns in his eyes that put to shame all the shallow words of the "glossy" politicians who say whatever they feel is politically correct.
Mammals romping around Mongolia 40 million years ago could put to shame the stars of modern zoos.
Be prepared to be put to shame by the admittedly over-the-top collection of teddy bears at Frank and Carolyn Powers' home in Westlake Village.
They were put to shame by the Boston Globe, which carried several outstanding stories on GATT by Mitch Zuckoff in the months before Congress voted--when it mattered.
His humor, his clarity of expression, his ability to put in words the role of wine in the better life, all put to shame contemporary writers about wine.
Playboy praised Hard Case Crime's "lost masterpieces," writing "They put to shame the work of modern mystery writers whose plots rely on cell phones and terrorists.
They put to shame our governments, who wring their hands in false sympathy, while continuing to obstruct the refugees at the borders, prolong their ordeal in detention centres, and prevent them establishing normal secure lives by withholding civil rights and means of support.
Other cities Coventry put to shame included Rome, Lagos and Algiers.
Ramadoss said both these were ignorant and foolish utterances without any scientific basis and said the Centre should stop it "as the country should not be put to shame.
Put to shame yet again by Germans FURTHER to last week's column regarding the structural issues that hamper the development of English football, one People Sport reader was moved to point out the licensing system that clubs in Germany must sign up to.
The country's grocery giants were put to shame by discount chains who continued to gobble up business, industry expert Kantar revealed.
The country's grocery giants were put to shame by discount chains which continued to gobble up business, industry expert Kantar revealed.
During a press-conference he put to shame those who are threatening that they will make public part of his meeting with