put to death

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kill as a means of socially sanctioned punishment

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Then the eldest brother replied, 'The corn has all been cut, but it has not yet been put into barns; let the knave collect all the grain in the kingdom into one big heap before to-morrow night, and if as much as a stalk of corn is left let him be put to death.
In the months of August and September, 1692, he and nineteen other innocent men and women were put to death.
Then the king made it known to all the land, that if any person could discover the secret, and find out where it was that the princesses danced in the night, he should have the one he liked best for his wife, and should be king after his death; but whoever tried and did not succeed, after three days and nights, should be put to death.
And I also fear that those who are not fairies, such as the Wizard, and Dorothy, and her uncle and aunt, as well as Toto and Billina, will be speedily put to death by the conquerors.
Now there were some who cried that the boy must be put to death, because he had killed one possessed with a spirit.
Last year, 141 people were put to death in the kingdom, where executions are carried out by the sword.
Anthony Shore, 55, dubbed the Tourniquet Killer, was put to death for the murder of 21-year-old Carmen Estrada.
The Japanese army merely exposed and put to death the plainclothes soldiers (guerrillas) who abandoned their uniforms, stole the garments of regular citizens, and were hiding in the refugee zone with weapons and ammunition," he wrote in the book, printed in English and Japanese.
Arkansas' first executions in years began last week, with eight men scheduled to be put to death over 10 days.
The seven convicts put to death via lethal injection during Joseph Estrada's presidency were all executed some five years after they committed their offenses, he said.
Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir was put to death in the capital Riyadh for shooting dead Adel al-Mahemid, a Saudi, during a brawl, the interior ministry said in a statement.
RIYADH -- Saudi Arabia on Tuesday put to death a Pakistani man convicted of drug smuggling, bringing to 93 the number of executions in the kingdom this year.
THIS week, the American state of Georgia executed the oldest man ever put to death in the USA, a 72-year-old man convicted of murdering a shopkeeper during an armed robbery more than 35 years ago.
Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was one of 47 prisoners put to death for terror offences at the weekend.
Nusakambangan highlights the gulf in views between Indonesia, where the death penalty for drug traffickers has solid public support, and some of the countries whose citizens will soon be put to death, in particular neighbouring Australia.