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The offer to purchase the Notes will be only pursuant to, and the Notes may be tendered only in accordance with the Company's Put Right Notice dated December 9, 2014 and related documents.
The flag was put right I therefore request the channel to show the second visuals taken when the delegations were meeting," he added.
Assuming that no other holders exercise their upcoming put right, following the exchange around USD32.
The challenge put to me was that if I put right those things which I had done wrong, I would be better able to stretch out a hand to others.
We have all kind of things that need improvement, but they can be put right.
g pounds 1/3 million just to put right one chimneystack
The booklet aims to put right the many misconceptions the Bank feels it unfairly suffers from.
The Tender Offer Statement will include a notice to holders from the Company (the "Issuer Put Right Notice") specifying the terms and conditions of the Put Option and the procedures to exercise the Put Option.
Research from insurer LV= shows buyers are having to shell out thousands to fix hidden horrors they - missed during buying PS- costing an average PS4,205 to put right.
In order to exercise the Put Option and receive the Put Option Repurchase Price, or withdraw Notes previously surrendered, a holder must follow the procedures set forth in the Put Right Notice, which is being delivered to all registered holders of the Notes.
We feel that community involvement in these panels will ensure that those affected by anti-social behaviour have a direct voice to explain the impact it has had and to have that put right in a meaningful way.
It will be equally tragic if any more of those brave men or their families are allowed to go to their graves before this shameful wrong is put right.
On one occasion I was told that it's a problem getting them put right across the city.
He said: "Some were put right next to our own posters and banners also appeared near ours or where ours would normally be put, causing a conflict with our own event.
AS we report today, ambulance stations are in disrepair and will cost millions of pounds to put right.