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Put differently, Congress possesses the constitutional power to regulate the admission of aliens to the United States.
Put differently, even though we are inclined to believe that the AKP under Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an's helm is now increasingly becoming authoritarian and also Islamist, appearances are in fact deceiving.
Put differently, only in a monetary union are capital markets fully integrated and used as an insurance mechanism against asymmetric shocks (De Grauwe, Journal of Common Market Studies, 2006).
Put differently, there are now approximately 486,000 same-sex marriages in the U.
Put differently, what constitutes the spectrum of desired characteristics of the new corps of human resources in an evolving innovation?
Put differently, the LGBT population is like America, in which economic marginalization is widespread, but even more so.
The big data digital compo- nent accounts for less than a third of total ad spend world- wide Put differently, around
Put differently, even in the 'beef masala' adventure, the permanent establishment of Pakistan, which is an euphemism for ISI, and its handlers are on board this 'Humiliate Hindus' missile.
Put differently, we learn from what we do not know, if the mind is open, the heart is welcoming and the soul is aligned.
Put differently, if there was no Medicaid, this population would still receive some health care and would pay only a small share of its cost, likely due to the large amount of uncompensated care provided by hospitals.
Put differently, the resources of the entire nation are in Terai
Put differently, ordinary Americans seeking livable wages, affordable prescriptions, high-quality education or an end to catastrophic climate change are consigned to second-class status in Washington, D.
Put differently, the historical transformations of Islam have left their mark on local mosques, with religious factions advertising their own vision of Islam through the use or absence of certain stylistic elements, such as the dome and the minaret.
Put differently, the prime minister--fortunately--lacked sufficient support in parliament for his assault on democratic norms.
Put differently, Batiste sees these performances as deeply connected with power, both in the United States and projected around the globe, and with African Americans imagining themselves as having power--and, thereby, seeking power, even becoming "complicit" with it, rather than just resisting it.