put behind bars

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lock up or confine, in or as in a jail

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The former prime minister should have been put behind bars for these falsehoods a long time ago.
We can be sure that they will be put behind bars and they will pay for their sins," he added.
I think the law should give them a chance to clear their debts and if they don't, they should be put behind bars, so they don't repeat it.
Carl Russell, 20, was put behind bars for five years and four months in October last year after he was caught minding a loaded Glock pistol.
Summary: ANKARA (Cihan) - None of the journalists who have been arrested were put behind bars because of their professions, Turkey's prime minister said on Tuesday.
Mumbai A delegation of prominent Muslim citizens has asked the Maharashtra government to release young Muslims who were put behind bars for the 2006 Malegaon blasts, following recent statements of a Hindu right wing leader Swami Aseemanand.
Open debate and discourse is how we determine nothing less than how we order our society, what is false, what wars we should fight, what polices we should pass, who we should put behind bars for the rest of their lives, and who gets to control our government.
The boys were arrested and put behind bars, with dad Robert, 58, and sister Martha, 20, who were helping shoot a mock car chase with an air-gun on a deserted industrial estate for a Blu-Tack advert competition.
This six-part documentary reveals how real families cope when a loved one is put behind bars.
THE jailed mother of Rhys Jones's killer has run up more than pounds 2,000 in rent arrears since being put behind bars, an eviction hearing was told.
I'd feel much safer if he was back in the community where he belongs and more drunken yobs were put behind bars.
A teenager has been put behind bars for 20 months for trying to rob a schoolboy on a bus.
The independent council is also expected to recommend men convicted of domestic violence should go on education courses in the community instead of being put behind bars.
MIDLANDER Mick McDonagh will be put behind bars - if he is caught by gardai drinking in any pub in Ireland