put away

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  • verb

Synonyms for put away

place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

stop using


kill gently, as with an injection


Related Words

eat up

turn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily

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Following a handball, Aaron Chapman put away a penalty to make it 2-0 but the Cons got back into the game with a penalty of their own from Ged Livingstone who struck again to level things up once more.
At the other end of the scale, male and female savers in London have the lowest amounts put away in savings as a share of their annual wages, at 18% and 30% respectively.
WIZARDRY: Ashtor's billiard table can be put away and is just one feature in the five-bedroomed Woolton home
If you start saving now--early in your career--you'll need to put away a lot less money.
The maximum someone will be able to put away for a year in a retail deposit is pounds 1,000.
Everyone has his or her own idea of retirement, and what they decide to put away for it depends on that idea.
With his logs stacked up like Lincoln Logs, or put away in cabinets the way toys should be, Ireland recalls a time when you could feel like you had mommy back, and all your needs were met, just by playing with your toys.
The payoff is a significant increase in the average number of pallets put away in an hour.
And a review by the Labour Party has concluded that those saving into workplace pensions put away an average of 8 per cent of their income when this should be nearer 15 per cent to grow a decent-sized pot.
The South West was named as the area where both men and women are likely to have high amounts put away as a proportion of their salaries.
High living costs have been swallowing up families' savings, while record low interest rates have given consumers little return on what they have been managing to put away.
When you don't put away the chances you have, especially in the "It's disappointing we didn't put away the chances we created.
1 : to put away : store <He stowed his belongings in the closet.