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It's up to us to go out on Saturday, put across his ideas and hopefully we can get the win.
Marshall is the main link between Young, Gabbidon and players, ensuring everybody understands the information being put across and know what they have to do.
I think it's so important that both sides of the debate are put across in the media.
She said that she was trying to put across the fact of developers having not put much social and affordable housing in and the council saying that they can't do anything about it.
We believe that some councillors and officers have already made up their minds that the homes should close, but we are determined to put across a different point of view.
Reports said that Singh put across his views when responding to Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik's reiteration of a pending invitation, saying that he is answerable to the Indian public on the delay in bringing the 26/11 guilty to justice.
AS Nick Clegg and his party put their message across at the Birmingham Conference, the public are about to put across theirs:"Nick Clegg come in, your time is up
This is a great song and put across brilliantly by John Lennon.
The Racing Post has kindly given me the opportunity, while I'm out through injury, to air my views publicly and to put across my thoughts and opinions on various racing matters.
The Foreign Minister visited Abu Dhabi only to attend a meeting of Special Representatives for Afghanistan and Pakistan to put across Pakistans position on several important issues pertaining to regional security and stability, the press statement issued by the Foreign office said.
This message needs to be put across throug-hout Bahrain and strong action taken against violators.
We want to put across the message of His love for the nation and the entire world through our music.
PEOPLE lobbying for a security gate to be put across a footpath near their homes in Appledore Drive, Eastern Green, Coventry, have been disappointed.
I read Dave Kidd's comments last week about John's "crocodile tears" and thought I'd put across my own view.