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a small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus

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The mentioned traits were noted after appearance of the first pustule on the leaves.
Physical examination showed severe nail dystrophy, periungual edema, erythema of the distal digits, inflammatory plaques, and multiple small pustules (Figure 1).
The vesicle center becomes depressed and progresses to a well-formed pustule by the eighth or ninth day.
That's where this giant pustule forms on the crack of your ass and when it bursts open all this stinky butt-puss comes out.
What disgusted me about this Mediterranean pustule was the way they treat animals.
Spores of this pathotype were provided by pathology section of grain department in karj seeds, sapling preparation and amendment research institute after infection of the embryos with mentioned pathotype the latent period, infection type, pustule density and pustule size were measured and compared.
Well, I get a lot of flatulence when I'm nervous" Actor Martin Clunes "This lately exploded pustule on the posterior of the British body politic" Description of Gordon Brown's former aide Damian McBride, by London mayor Boris Johnson "The only unforgivable crime is to tell everybody in the pub that we are doomed and mean it.
Further to Mr Van Cleef's letter: of course I remember Therwell's (cherry pustule, Mr Snodgrass?
The delicate durum mess of Loop, 1993-95, is a single box of pasta, each noodle joined end-to-end; the sweet pink pustule wedged in the corner, Untitled, 1990, could be an egg sac or a boil but is bubble gum smoothed into a sphere; the calm natatorial geometry of Untitled, 1989, becomes heady when you smell its waves of minty blue; the spiral on an alabaster surface recalling Rrose Selavy's whirligig rotatives (Rrose herself existing only as a signature or reproduction of someone who never was) is pubic hair on a piece of soap.
Gram stains of blood and pustule swabs showed large, pleomorphic, gram-negative bacilli with long filaments and irregular swellings.
The patient stated that a small pustule developed on his left leg 3 months earlier, 1 week after he fished in a lake with standing water.
DAR is known for its properties to treat pain, swelling and pustule.
The strip test can detect the presence of the pathogen at the very early stages of infection, from chlorotic lesions (before formation of a pustule) to immature pustules (not releasing spores).
A smear from the malignant pustule on the left cheek demonstrated anthrax bacilli.
Superinfection of the lesions had led to pustule formation, suppuration, and ulceration.