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  • noun

Synonyms for puss

the opening in the body through which food is ingested


the front surface of the head

Synonyms for puss

obscene terms for female genitals

informal terms referring to a domestic cat

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When I saw Puss the first time it was a still picture," Banderas recalls the first meetings with DreamWorks animators.
In Shrek The Third, confirmed rivals Donkey and Puss get to swap their bodies, courtesy of a magic spell, which leads to some of the movie's most hilarious moments.
Puss In Boots marks Hayek's first foray into animation, but while some people may be quick to point to her four-year-old daughter Valentina as the reason for her decision, she denies this was the case.
I already did the first recordings and it's going to be called Puss In Boots - it starts when he was very little.
HANNAH'S REVIEW: I really like the Shrek films a lot and my favourites are Puss and Donkey.
It was a bit thin as well, but luckily we got it out in time so it is a happy ending for Puss.
The scary two-minute trailers were shown before U-rated animation Puss in Boots at Cineworld in Wandsworth, South London.
The Hollywood beauty had no difficulty taking on the character of a feisty feline in Puss In Boots .
Puss in Boots will once again see pantomime legends Ray Spencer and Bob Stott lead the madness, mayhem and chaos as Tommy and Dame Dotty.
SHREK 2 character Puss In Boots is set for his own adventure, with Antonio Banderas returning to voice the cute feline swashbuckler.
Just in time for the holidays and the DVD launch of the box office smash "Shrek 2," fans of the lovable green ogre and his swashbuckling friend Puss in Boots (TM) can embark upon all-new adventures in Activision, Inc.
So, in addition to the core characters of Shrek, his beloved Princess Fiona and trusty sidekick Donkey, the second installment will spotlight such familiar figures as Puss in Boots, Prince Charming, the Fairy Godmother and the Ugly Stepsister (voiced by none other than Larry King).
The Parkfield Primary Players are hosting their Christmas pantomime Puss in Boots today and tomorrow.
But feline flyer Puss didn't stand a cat in hell's chance of getting past customs when he jetted into Tyneside.
TALENTED kitty Puss In Boots (right) takes to the stage tonight at Dunchurch Village Hall.