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Synonyms for pusillanimously

with a lack of courage and determination


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Her father complains to the school about the teacher's conduct, and the headmaster replies to him in a pusillanimously emollient way.
Lettres a une inconnue reveals that 'reserved, sensitive, self-centred nature a little pusillanimously in the power, at the disposition of another' (p.
It is not simply that Americans, being armed to the teeth, are willing to venture forth in search of monsters to slay while Europeans, being military weaklings, pusillanimously shun confrontations.
Sense-making is the dogma to which most media pusillanimously adhere.
Ingloriously captured on July 8, Monmouth, after unsuccessfully and (as represented in government propaganda) pusillanimously pleading for his life, was executed on Wednesday, July 15.
In this disregard for the Constitution, pusillanimously condoned by the courts, the government follows a pattern set earlier in fighting the war on narcotics.
As the nineties progressed, however, he became the observer of actual socialists, whom he regarded as petitsbourgeois, and of Marxian revisionists, whom he saw as pusillanimously abandoning the idea of revolution.