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Pushy keeps up the patronising tone towards Kate and even William by calling the 32-year-old second in line to the throne "the boy" at one stage.
NATIVE SOUNDS: John Jerzyszek playing the Native American flute, with shop owner Pushy Sanghera and musician Juggy Kular
SCOTS fashion and business guru Tessa Hartmann has seen a lot of pushy parenting, but has worked hard to ensure her children never come under the same pressure.
They aren't pushy about my academic performance they only want me to work hard," says the 18- year- old.
But when a woman is anxious that her child should succeed, she is labelled pushy and a control freak, like the mother in Black Swan.
Mum Kelly, 33, said: "I can be pushy but I've never made Shannon do anything she doesn't want to.
Normally, it's Katie Price who seems to be the pushy one, but she's actually said she won't feature her kids anymore on any of her reality TV shows - yeah for sanity.
But researchers at Leicester and Leeds universities, who used data from the National Child Development Study for pupils born in 1958, say parents get less pushy the more children they have.
Andrew Academies R Us Adonis said: "I want every parent to be a pushy parent.
Pushy for a Moment: Instant Solutions to Everyday Challenges
Q I AM told I am too pushy in interviews and it is making me miss out on jobs.
But, at last, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with a new fitness group for mums, called Pushy Mothers.
But Cassandra Jardine, author of the parenting book Positive Not Pushy, warns that there can be a fine line between parents being interested and helpful and being pushy.
Drivers, you can't be pushy when it comes to the fuel shutoff lever on your Bradley or MLRS.
No fewer than eight of the 13 mares owned outright by Lady Tavistock in Britain descend from Mrs Moss, who produced the Japan Cup winner Jupiter Island and the high-class juveniles Precocious and Pushy during a distinguished breeding career.