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the act of applying force in order to move something away

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So, when you're pushing them in a positive way and making them be a better person, then you are helping them in a lot of ways.
The T 1500 is a track-type jacking frame used in pushing new rigid pipe through the old line, replacing it with a new, usually larger diameter pipe.
An intervention can break through denial and create a moment of clarity for the mongo-footer; it can open the door to treatment and help victims begin rebuilding their pushing technique, as well as their lives.
The PEOPLE (Pushing Early or Pushing Late with Epidural) Study Group from the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Laval University, the Faculty of Nursing, Canada studied more than 1,800 laboring primagravidas.
MIAMI BEACH - Contrary to popular wisdom, delaying pushing during the second stage of labor does not spare the patient anal sphincter damage, Dr.
Push in on the catch, and you can feel the spring pushing back.
In the walk toward Calvary, the people in the crowd are at once pushed and doing the pushing.
Customers can send their own contact information or the contact information of anyone in their address book - including email address, fax number, pager number and more - simply by selecting the desired contact from their address book and pushing the Direct Connect button.
When they come to intersections with traffic signals, they're prohibited from pushing the button to trigger the light to green so they can cross the street.
Then I explain what I believe to be the process of pushing their babies out.
It's like an ocean wave pushing a surfer," Harding says.
Push-to-Talk, a communications concept that was popularized by Nextel and Motorola, is an increasingly popular and requested service that allows users to communicate with one another and in groups, by simply pushing a button.
26 Metrolink tragedy found that pushing a train creates no greater risk of derailment than when cars are pulled by a locomotive, officials said Wednesday.
I strongly feel that society is pushing children to do things that they lack the maturity to handle.
PUSH VOD is a highly efficient alternative to traditional network VOD because it eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks by pushing movies to set-top boxes with hard disks outside of peak traffic times.