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Synonyms for pushful

marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative


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Forty years ago the local Rector became irritated by a pushful would-be historian who was publishing denials of the claim and insisting that the building was an old schoolhouse and that the original church had been demolished in the late 1850s.
Honest, highly respected men of the conservative type, who were wedded to the traditional methods of their ancestors, and never dreamed of taking lessons in the subject of their pushful German competitors .
In an essay he titled "The Pushful American," Mencken, along with George Jean Nathan (though the voice of the essay is dominantly Mencken's), claimed that Americans are distinguished above all by their desire to climb socially.
Pushful, well-informed about how the world works and determined to use his information, he swept his two children - one simply talented, the other already a recognised genius at seven - across Europe when travel was not quick, cheap or easy on a way paved by letters of introduction.