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TOM: And by the way, the reason manufacturers have switched over to push-button stop-and-start systems is for convenience.
Buyers are particularly fascinated by push-button cars, he told Arab News on Sunday.
The TPS3420 and TPS3421 use a long input delay to provide the intended system reset and avoid reset from short push-button or key presses.
The user-friendly mixers offer cost-efficient dispersion with easy-to-use features including automatic dispersions, mode and batch timer, push-button speed control, maintenance-free digital speed indicator and electrohydraulic raise and lower feature with push-buttons.
April Swinehart, Ohio Years before push-button sewing machines, when I could no longer operate the foot pedal, my husband attached it to the leg of the sewing machine case so that I could operate it with my knee.
announced the release of eight GPX series wireless LANs with combined push-button and PIN set-ups.
Sophisticated electronics deliver a VIP feeling: Electronic push-button door handles open and close the door again and again.
Both the operation of the barrier as well as deployment and retrieval are push-button controlled.
Worldwide Computer Products News-6 January 2005-Broadcom, HP and Linksys offer push-button feature for simplified wireless LAN setup(C)1995-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Each of the mirror-image lanes has a push-button, multi-function control panel that can operate both sides if necessary.
is enhanced for young readers with a push-button sound feature as well.
Simple, push-button operation is said to give production technicians the ability to make quick, repeatable QC tests with minimal training.
Fortunately, most database applications allow you to set up push-button menus that make even the most difficult tasks easy to complete.
Key CODA-Planning features include push-button statutory and management consolidation, top-down "what-if?