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The push-bikes can be rented for 30 minutes up to 24 hours through an easy and flexible process.
They have also been working in partnership with Motorvate UK to deliver road user driving, motorcycle and push-bike training packages.
And the push-bike patrol led to three arrests, two stolen vehicles being recovered and various positive stop checks and intelligence being gained in relation to local offenders.
Last week I came within seconds of serious injury, or even worse, when I was almost mown down by a youth on a push-bike.
Terry, of Chapelwood, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, who has eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, said: 'I had to come home because my mother was ill, but I had no money so I had to go by push-bike.
Fernando, 27, has one room in a shared house and rides a push-bike, but that hasn't stopped suggestive letters and emails coming his way from as far afield as Holland and Spain.
Contrary to reports that they bought son Brooklyn a pair of pounds 25,000 diamond earrings for his sixth birthday, we can reveal the couple actually got him a push-bike and Power Rangers figures.
I'M not sure I should be telling you this, but I spent a day riding a push-bike around London.
A schoolgirl is in intensive care after being struck by a car when she rode her push-bike into a busy road just yards from her home.