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a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers

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The push plates are to incorporate a design based on the ripples made in sand when the tide goes out, to reflect the location of the centre in Cardiff Bay.
The company's products are applied to common touch points such as door levers, railings and push plates to reduce the spread of illness.
Press with high stiffness frame structure for a load of 4000 kN, equipped with control electronics and hardware and software to evaluate, push plates, load cell for smaller loads and strain gages.
Door knobs and handles, push plates, countertops, sinks and other frequently touched hardware in healthcare and other public facilities are prime candidates for use of copper alloys to help control the spread of infection.
Products that are being installed include door levers, wall switches and outlet covers, IV poles, drawer and cabinet pulls, grab bars, automatic push plates, over-bed tables, computer keyboards, sinks, faucets, soap and alcohol dispensers, and toilet flush levers.
Research is continuing, but according to the CDA these and other studies suggest that a better choice for food handling, hospital and healthcare facilities would be doorknobs and handles, push plates, work surfaces and other hardware products made from durable, cost-competitive copper alloys.
Keevil said the study strongly indicates that use of the copper metals in such applications as door knobs, push plates, fittings, fixtures and work surfaces would considerably mitigate MRSA in hospitals and reduce the risk of cross-contamination between staff and patients in critical care areas.
Antimicrobial powder coatings are currently in use at the new City of Hope's Helford Clinical Research Hospital in Duarte, California, on ductwork, door handles and hardware and push plates.
The new ActivClean(TM) range of door hardware includes locks, push-pull latches, exit devices, pull handles and push plates expressly designed for use in hospitals, medical offices and other healthcare facilities.
And, the unique design of the diaphragm push plates increase fatigue resistance and life expectancy.
The same tests showed that after 30 minutes, 56% of the virus was still alive on a stainless steel surface, a common material for door push plates and handles, and almost 20% was still alive after 4 hours.
In hospitals, copper based paint, brass door knobs and push plates have been shown to help reduce cross contamination.
Cutting Antimicrobial Copper alloyed products could include copper floor tiles, copper wall tiles, copper work stations, automatic copper door push plates, copper door brake plates, copper sheeting in elevators, copper carts, exercise and rehabilitation equipment with copper and brass parts, copper chart holders, copper clipboards, filing systems made of copper for medical records, copper mop plates, copper sinks, copper countertops and copper tabletops.