push down

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cause to come or go down

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Place two fingers in middle of chest and push down by 4cm/1.
The company's Yajima plant will reduce its production of the Subaru Legacy and other passenger cars by 35,000 units and its main factory will push down its output of Subaru minivehicles by 5,000 units.
As you push down on the accelerator, all of a sudden you find that you're in a different gear.
Districts aiming to push down algebra must build structures that keep students in math for all four years of high school.
A steady erosion of previously expected gains in per capita poultry consumption will likely push down global poultry consumption in 2006, currently estimated at 81.
To reset the relay, remove the intake cover and use a pencil or small screwdriver to push down on the relay switch located at the bottom of the control panel.
dollar and into other world currencies in a move likely to push down the value of the greenback," reported the January 10 Washington Post.
There's a song on the new record, "Force Fed," about resisting what companies are trying to push down your throat.
dollar could work to push down copper prices, a continued strike in North America is creating some concern about a potential shortage of copper on the market.
They refused, and Poulter rammed the flag down into the hole several times to push down the cylinder to the regulation one-inch depth.
Push down on your heels--don't worry if they don't touch the ground in the early stages of your yoga practice.
You insert your empty pistol into the LASH and push down against the gun's recoil spring tension.
Definitely not short on intrigue, I push down on the Trail and Tahlequah disappears around the bend" (p.
THE OLD TOOTHPASTE TUBE ANALOGY FOR FIGHTING DRUGtrafficking in Latin America continues to hold: Push down on one problem area and the drugs squeeze out in another.
Place a sheet of strudel dough in each ring mold and gently push down to form a well.