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a wide broom that is pushed ahead of the sweeper

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A push broom drone can fly at 32 km/h, snapping images at 120 frames per second to take in its surroundings.
Using a 24-in, push broom, a worker can be expected to clean 3,896 sq.
As a less-desired option, a push broom sweeping may be used, along with a shop-type wet/dry vacuuming.
Construction: Any household or push broom will suffice.
Get something like a push broom and use this after applying the cleaning agent.
You were embarrassed to be on welfare, and you had to work to be on it -- push broom and a barrel on wheels.
I always walk into the garage for the push broom whenever we get one of those Minnesota snow dumps.
If the council is determined to establish a downtown exclusion zone, it should narrow the list of offenses to make certain the ordinance doesn't become a catch-all push broom.
along with five specially designed attachments, including a bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow blade and whisker push broom.
Melody by Esseplast is targeting an upscale niche with wood-cleaning products, including a dust mop and push broom, that feature solid wood handles and natural bristles.
Rosemarie Trockel emerged in the '8os as a sculptor, making sardonically elegant and enigmatically feminist objects like a triple-handled janitor's push broom and a knit "painting" incorporating the Kantian cogito in spidery script.
I remember as a boy in New York City that every day a man in a white uniform would show up, equipped with a large stiff-bristled push broom, pushing a wheeled garbage container.
8601-15; $10 per quart at home centers), a push broom and a floor squeegee.
A push broom and a corn broom each do their tasks differently.
We couldn't score 300 if you let us bowl with a push broom and balsa wood pins, so worrying about lane conditions and oil patterns is far, far beyond us.