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If an object is broad enough to push aside the amount of water equal to its weight, like a boat, it will float.
Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside the curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond.
Then, the doctor inflated the balloon to push aside the blockage and installed a mesh cylinder called a stent, which propped open the carotid artery.
Such naive notions, set within the Caribbean landscape, lean toward an invented culture, manufactured for tourists' consumption, that is typically over-referenced with colonialism and loaded with dormant, but nevertheless very real associations with slavery and a particularly brutal past; an impulse that continues to push aside more fundamental planning issues and undermines the evolution of an authentic Caribbean architecture.
What I've tried to do is push aside the politics, push aside religious issues, and just look at every related scientific study I can find.
Faith: The seeds stirred by the warmth of the sun / Will break their bonds when spring has come, / So slender faith that yearns for light / Can push aside the hampering night / And open up an avenue / That lets the love of God shine through.
The European Union think they can push aside any opposition and just carry on.
Trying to push aside his anxieties, Tony has to deal with a hapless bunch of gangsters who want to join his mob.
Fourth, Microsoft will push aside other vendors to woo small- and mid-size businesses with its entry-level SCM suite.
Next, atoms are shot by an ion gun at an angle that push aside many of the surface carbon atoms, forming atomic-scale rows.