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Synonyms for purulence

symptom of being purulent (containing or forming pus)


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The addition of vancomycin is reserved for patients with purulence / evidence of abscess or exudate.
There was no significant improvement in the sputum purulence in the placebo group but there was a significant improvement in the sputum purulence in the test drug group.
patients having increased sputum purulence with either increased dyspnea or increased sputum volume;
However, closure of such wounds may lead to recurrence and referral of a patient to physical therapy for debridement due to the persistence of purulence or necrosis.
In UPLIFT[R], an exacerbation was defined as "an increase or new onset of more than one of the following respiratory symptoms (cough, sputum, sputum purulence, wheezing, dyspnea) with a duration of three or more days, requiring treatment with an antibiotic and/or systemic (oral, intramuscular or intravenous) steroid" [16].
The purulence and odor gave the doctor the impression that the patient had an infection superimposed over the gout.
The symptoms include increased breathlessness, sputum purulence or increased sputum volume and in some patients these are accompanied by other problems such as increasing cough, wheeze, chest tightness or fatigue.
A clinical pulmonary infection score, a weighted scale with high sensitivity and specificity, awards points for fever, leukocyte count, quantity and purulence of secretions, oxygenation, type of radiographic abnormality, and sputum Gram stain results (Davis, 2006).
Purulence was beginning; the draining gash in the side streamed sluggishly, drenching the thigh with blood like some thickened blackberry juice; a milky pinkish discharge, like a gray Moselle wine, seeped from the chest and spattered the belly beneath which the grimy loin-cloth rippled.
5 weeks, clinical signs of superinfection in terms of inflammation and purulence were markedly reduced.
The mastoid cavity contained purulence and copious granulation tissue, with no dehiscence of the tegmen.
AECB are usually manifested as an increase in dyspnea (difficult or labored breathing), sputum volume and/or sputum purulence (pus).
Infection is defined by at least two classic findings of inflammation (redness, warmth, swelling/induration, and pain/tenderness) or purulence.
He developed mobility of the left maxillary central and lateral incisors with surrounding purulence.
The presence of [greater than or equal to] 2 of the following eye symptoms was classified as conjunctivitis: redness, tearing, itchiness, pain, burning, purulence, or sensitivity to light.