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symptom of being purulent (containing or forming pus)


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There was gross purulence within the femoral canal along with retained fragments of calcium phosphate.
The tier 3, possible and probable VAP, attempts to identify IVAC patient subsets with respiratory infections as manifested by objective evidence of purulent respiratory secretions (where purulence is defined by using quantitative or semi-quantitative criteria for the number of neutrophils on Gram stain) and/or positive results of microbiological tests done on respiratory specimens.
Macroscopically apparent purulence was not evident anywhere and bone quality was not poor.
PJI was defined as the growth of the same microorganism in two or more cultures of synovial fluid or periprosthetic tissue, purulent synovial fluid or purulence at the implant site, acute inflammation upon histopathological examination of the periprosthetic tissue, or the presence of a sinus tract communicating with the prosthesis [8, 9].
There is no purulence, fluctuance, or weeping skin.
Examination demonstrates gingival inflammation around a tooth, with or without purulence (FIGURE 7).
The addition of vancomycin is reserved for patients with purulence / evidence of abscess or exudate.
The diagnosis of FG was based on clinical examination, which showed skin necrosis and was confirmed under anaesthesia when the skin incision revealed the gray-black appearance of gangrenous tissue along with purulence.
When an ulcer sets its root, it grows gradually and purulence ensues; once opium comes, it spreads out gradually and invaders follow.
Intraoperatively, a friable white mass surrounded with purulence and granulation tissue was biopsied and returned as SCC.
63-66) Patients presenting with AUS infection may complain of scrotal pain, erythema, edema, or purulence, and they must undergo cystoscopic evaluation to assess cuff erosion.
The presence of nasal purulence, mucosal changes or polyps seen on endoscopy in CRS is a good indicator and highly sensitive in predicting sinus involvement, and therefore does not require routine imaging, which can be avoided.
Purulence of nasal discharge is now accepted by most as a natural part of a viral upper respiratory infection as the host immune system becomes activated, and neutrophils and lymphocytes migrate to the nasopharynx to clear the infection.
Infection is defined by at least two classic findings of inflammation (redness, warmth, swelling/induration, and pain/tenderness) or purulence.
nous osons affirmer que le goulag tropical existe effectivement : dans les latifundias du Bresil, les hauts-plateaux guatemalteques, la purulence immonde des favelas de Caracas, l'agonisante Haiti.