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Synonyms for pursuing

an attempting to accomplish or attain

Words related to pursuing

following in order to overtake or capture or as accompaniment to such pursuit

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Earlier, students pursuing BCom ( honours) from top DU colleges could complete CA easily alongside their degree.
He is now pursuing his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at UC Santa Barbara and plans to go on to get his master's degree.
Mackey's Pursuing Johns is a narrow study of a failed effort to achieve social reform.
The interview objectives were tailored to find out at what managerial stage in Ospina's "Developmental Stages of Diversity" framework (from Exclusion, Considering, Pursuing, Managing, Maximizing, to Diversity) the DAP would fall under in achieving gender diversity (1) Also of concern were the types of strategies the DAP should focus on to recruit more males into the program.
According to Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE, anyone pursuing an RD "should be dedicated.
Payne [29] considered "whether, officer's act of pursuing suspect's vehicle was performed with requisite regard for safety of all persons.
The result is that a large percentage of dancers become discouraged from pursuing their dreams.
The injury and secondary problems with chronic pain prohibited the manager from pursuing the extensive air travel associated with her job.
While the ruling will likely force the company to create an industry-approved version of its site, Napster has been pursuing such a solution for some time, even though the financial viability of such a site model is unproven.
How to Start, Operate & Grow a Business While Developing Yourself and Pursuing Your Personal Goals
Persons with traumatic brain injury have difficulty in shifting vocational expectations and frequently insist on pursuing activities that can only lead to failure.
Rosamond needs to wait until it has a solid tax base before pursuing cityhood, Wood said.
The author surveyed a group of temporary certified teachers, who are pursuing teacher certification for grades K-9, regarding their perceptions toward the re-certification process.
Both of these officers died while pursuing suspects on foot.
We're thrilled to share these opportunities with a partner as prestigious as The Blackstone Group and look forward to pursuing a broader relationship down the road.