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Synonyms for pursuance

Synonyms for pursuance

a search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria

the continuance of something begun with a view to its completion

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He resolved, in pursuance of the advice of the sage lady, to push matters as forward as possible; and addressing himself to his intended son-in-law in the hunting phrase, he cried, after a loud holla, "Follow her, boy, follow her; run in, run in; that's it, honeys.
And in pursuance of it, Countess, I deeply regret having to tell you that your presence at Dorset House within the next hour is demanded.
For just as he was lowering his tray and bending over the table in the pursuance of his professional duties, along came Bill at his customary high rate of speed, propelling his partner before him, and for the first time since he left home Heinrich was conscious of a regret that he had done so.
This I took care to make impossible to her, and so she was shipped off in pursuance of her sentence a little while after.
It was about six o'clock in the evening, when a vast mob poured into Lincoln's Inn Fields by every avenue, and divided--evidently in pursuance of a previous design--into several parties.
Miss Dorrit,' said Mrs Merdle, after frostily looking at her through her glass, 'precisely what I was on the point of telling your sister, in pursuance of your request.
In pursuance of this determination, little Oliver, to his excessive astonishment, was released from bondage, and ordered to put himself into a clean shirt.
As he opened the door, in pursuance of a nod from Lightwood, an extremely pale and disturbed face appeared in the doorway--the face of a man much agitated.
In pursuance of this notable resolution, the services of the mottled-faced gentleman and of two other very fat coachmen --selected by Mr.
In pursuance of this resolution, he now drew a little table to his bedside, and arranging the light and a small oblong music-book to the best advantage, took his flute from its box, and began to play most mournfully.
THE CITY COUNCIL OF LIVERPOOL PUBLIC NOTICE Filming for "The Five" (Ndeg6) Whereas the streets or parts of streets in the City of Liverpool specified in the Schedule to this Proclamation will on the date and between the times stated in the same, be thronged and liable to be obstructed in connection with the filming for "The Five", I, the undersigned, Lord Mayor of the said City, acting in pursuance of the powers conferred upon me by Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, as amended by Section 32 of the County of Merseyside Act 1980, do hereby order that no person shall drive any vehicle, or drive or ride any animal in the said streets or parts of streets.
ISLAMABAD -- In pursuance of the Prime Minister's directives, the Capital Administration and Development Division (CA and DD) on Wednesday issued a notification directing all private educational institutes in Islamabad not to increase fees or funds during the current year.
K Electric spokesperson said the tariff has been enhanced in pursuance of directives of government of Pakistan and the revised tariff will be effective from July, 14.
Such measures aim at achieving road safety, and is in pursuance of the vision and strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police to make roads safer.
ANF Karachi Road Check Team on pursuance of an intelligence report, intercepted a Bed Ford Truck Registered No.