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Synonyms for pursual

the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture

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According to Al-Watan, the Syrian army in cooperation with the Lebanese army, opened the border and evacuated women and children in Tall Kalakh before intensifying their pursual of armed groups in the village.
A spokesman for Sandstone said: "The High Court challenge is no longer but that's not to say that our pursual of the site is no longer.
It is forecasted that Intel MID's development will face new challenges, but based on past performance, we should respect Intel's persistent pursual for the ideal.
But the Rangers boss hinted that he is unhappy at such a public pursual of his player by the Newcastle boss, who ran the rule over the Frenchman with his coach Dean Saunders.
Although Ginsberg saluted Rimbaud's poetic pursual of "the unsocializing of the animal," Trilling hesitated, telling Ginsberg that "involved in Rimbaud's attitudes is an absolutism which is foreign to my nature, and which I combat" (1945b).
However, as we see further into the characters of the two girls, although they both desire acceptance, Wild Ginger's pursual is clouded by blind ignorance and ambition to become the truest Maoist - the one who would save China from disaster.
A pursual of various allowances and perquisites, and also additions to allowances over time, has increased the share of allowances in the total wage package quite significantly.
Pursual of the Onal development programme: drilling of the 7th producing well in progress, opening of the exportation pipeline road, allocation of main equipment orders.
IT MIGHT have been a fugitive recalling the horror of pursual by a band of blood-thirsty vigilantes and their salivating hounds.
He takes a fancy to Annie and starts a relentless pursual of her.