purse string

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a drawstring used to close the mouth of a purse

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The intradermal (or subcuticular) purse string suture can provide complete closure of the surgical defect and is performed by passing the running suture horizontally in the dermis before it is pulled taut.
MONEY MESSAGE Conte is frustrated by his board's reluctance to loosen purse strings
There has also been a rise in the proportion of children receiving pocket money over the last year across Britain as households ease their purse strings, from 77% in 2012 to 84%.
From next season the purse strings should loosen a bit more, but in terms of this season it was always on the understanding it was going to be tight in terms of finance.
He will leave Bahrain feeling in need of a boil-wash, having surren-dered any principles because he was ordered to race by those who control the purse strings.
Mr Barker described the elephants' new home as a paradise, adding: "To think one of them might not survive the trip in a truck touched my heart and purse strings.
I suppose I am also dreading having to hold the purse strings when we do get married.
Sexual health organisations said that, at a time of deep public spending cuts, the figures should act as a stark reminder not to tighten the purse strings for sexual health services.
A question 14 for tenants with a current lease The right place at the right time - 17 Apartments set to reap rewards A new corporate social 19 responsibility approaches Over budget - Keeping control 5 of the purse strings Why two greens don't 9 equal growth Office market mirrors trend 11 for smaller occupiers Train to gain - Why HS2 is 16 the key to city's growth Key property figures give 18 their views on regeneration Post People - Faces and places 20 from around the region
Women make 91 of home-buying decisions holding the purse strings on about 2 trillion-worth of buying power annually according to a Harvard study quoted here.
IN these times of tightening purse strings I would just like to pose a question about a couple of traders.
Retailers predicted a late Christmas rush this year and have been cutting prices to persuade shoppers to loosen their purse strings.
Even if you're one of the lucky few who isn't having to tighten the purse strings, would you really want to spend dhs16,300 on a mobile phone?
Meanwhile, recent financial market turmoil is likely to cause households to hold tighter their purse strings.
Ask parents, and they'll tell you: Kids have an enormous influence over the family's purse strings.