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Synonyms for purr

a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat

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make a soft swishing sound

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indicate pleasure by purring

References in classic literature ?
The purr grew louder, and ended in the full-throated "Aaarh
Not that the bride was displeased with the embraces of her amorous bridegroom; for, though some have remarked that cats are subject to ingratitude, yet women and cats too will be pleased and purr on certain occasions.
Abu Dhabi has an alarming record of animal cruelty and according to Dd Nassif, founder of Wags and Purrs animal rescue group here, the more awareness is created the more cases are found.
Her purr is as loud as a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer "A vet has checked her and there is no reason why she purrs so loud.
11 ( ANI ): A cat owned by a woman from UK, is in line to be crowned as the world's loudest feline after his purrs were measured at 100 decibels.
And, when measured at close range, her purrs reach 92 decibels, equal to a plane coming in to land.
Fauna Communications Research Institute recorded and analyzed the purrs of 47 felids, including cheetahs, pumas, servals, ocelots, and domestic cats.
The mother purrs back to communicate that she is relaxed and able to care for them.
All are healthy but the middle cat who is about four years old never purrs.
Even non-cat owners could tell the difference between the purrs when played in a sound studio.
As part of the study, owners made recordings of their cats' vocal patterns, recording both their more urgent, like-a-baby's-cry purrs (their soliciting purrs") - and their bog-standard, don't worry about me, "I'm the cat who's got the cream" sounds (the non-soliciting purrs").
Comes over to me after his hunt, Purrs at me - and looks at the table expectantly.
To study effects on the chicks, the researchers broadcast extra purrs during mealtimes near some of the very young broods, when adults were just starting the behavior sporadically.
In a recent study, the duo paired people who had special needs with a robotic cat that purrs, hisses, and wags its tail in response to human touch.