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Synonyms for purr

a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat

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make a soft swishing sound

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indicate pleasure by purring

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Sam, the tailless kitten, was rescued by Wags and Purrs, and he is now recovering and will soon be ready for adoption.
Visitors to The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, will have the opportunity to hear Smokey's amazing purr for themselves while she signs copies of her book with a special paw rubber stamp.
The average cat purrs at 25dB but owner Tracy Westwood, 47, said that her cat can be can be louder than the 110 dB that he has been measured at.
When they studied human responses to recorded purrs, even people without exposure to cats found the purrs with embedded messages annoying and difficult to ignore.
The 12-year-old cat is believed to have the loudest purr in the world - as noisy as a lawnmower or a Boeing 737 coming in to land.
Elizabeth von Muggenthaler and colleagues at Fauna Communications believe that the vibrational frequencies in a cat's purr may explain why cats' bones heal so quickly and why so many domestic cats have survived falls from high-rise apartments.
A survey has revealed subtle changes in a cat's purr when they are demanding a meal from their owners.
Cats purr in a certain way to get attention from their owners
In a recent study, the duo paired people who had special needs with a robotic cat that purrs, hisses, and wags its tail in response to human touch.
Jeff, from Bebington, crawled around with a microphone testing the purrs of the cats for pitch, tone, melody and therapeutic properties.
I follow polities--so I can torture you," Clinton purrs to a delighted Los Angeles audience dining this concert recorded in December 2003.
CAT owners have come to accept over the centuries that when their pet purrs it's a sure sign they're feeling good - but we may have got our wires crossed when it comes to understanding our feline friends.
She is concerned that others will regard her as a freak if she admits that sounds, numbers, and letters have color for her When her beloved car Mango meows and purrs, for example, she sees puffs of yellow-orange color in the air.
Special gives you the sweet yelp of the Double Split on one side, and the raspy cutts, cackles, and purrs of the S.