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having or showing or acting with a purpose or design

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having a purpose

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On the other hand, the presumption that a statute text is coherent and not intended to produce absurd results is reasonably rebuttable where there is either (i) clear and compelling contextual evidence of evolution in statute application that has superseded the gravity of textual incoherence, or (ii) clear and compelling purposive evidence of original legislative intent that overrides textual illogic.
The temptation is to suppose that nothing need be said here because motor representation is either only an enabling condition for purposive action or else merely a variety of intention.
Subsequently, team members searched for further sites in a purposive survey in the immediate neighbourhood of the random squares.
frames the history of doctrine as a purposive series of negotiations and decisions in the pilgrim church learning and unlearning about God under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, he is summing up two and half millennia of all these as heirs of three types of Scripture reading: (eventual) universal salvation in Christ, whose victorious love "will not fail to unite all rational creatures to himself" through their freedom (Origen) (14); absolute priority and necessity of God's self-revealing agency from eternity and his assistance as sheer gift over and against our boasting "of the rationale of God's plan" (Augustine/Boethius) (51); and a distinction between God's antecedent will and consequent will (John of Damascus) (65).
In contrast to other approaches that include users--for instance, Quirky's (1) and Audi's community-based product development processes--the KT4TT method relies on purposive sampling, in which users with a particular profile are specifically sought to ensure participants' familiarity with and knowledge of the product or product concept field.
The EU legal system is based on a purposive - or teleological - system which effectively sorts out broad brush rules about how the EU would like the market to operate.
The misuse of freedom is a form of backwardness" said Minister of Information Salah Abdel Maqsoud at the opening of the Fifth Forum of the Association of Purposive Visual Media.
America's first great lexicographer was clearly a busy fellow who believed in purposive activity, which included counting the houses in every town he visited.
By 1968--following the uncomprehending thud of the reception of Twombly's Nine Discourses on Commodus, 1963, shown in 1964 at Castelli Gallery in New York--the artist had already edged away from the fluid, multivalent graffiti compositions of the 1950s to the more purposive Blackboard Paintings of the later '60s.
He also informed the British Minister that Indian legal and regulatory regime is intended to be purposive and effective without being oppressive and self-defeating.
The purposive trend of [promoting] Iranophobia in the United States has created conditions which make any travel by Iranians to that country precarious," Ramin Mehmanparast stated on Monday.
Qualitative ethnographic study describing the perspectives of a purposive sample of critical care nurses and physicians.
Justice Desai allowed voice samples by giving " purposive interpretation" to existing laws, but unequivocally noted that there was a need to suitably amend the Code of Criminal Procedure ( CrPC).
Sociologist Robert Merton popularized the term in his 1936 paper, "The Unanticipated Consequences of Purposive Social Action.