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Synonyms for purposelessness

the quality of lacking any definite purpose

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This emotional isolation, despair, and purposelessness expand into marital life over time and can cause marital burnout.
That America is regarded as a crimogenic society (the social structure inevitably produces criminality, see King, 2007; Wilson, 1990, 1992) is a position sustained by the existence of nihilated African identities disorder (as articulated here) and idiomatic purposelessness.
Parents also report feeling anger, rage, and inadequacy (Hunfield, Wladimiroff, Verhage, & Passchier, 1995) and often struggle with a profound sense of purposelessness (Boyle et al.
Emerson's insistence, finally, that "Beauty is its own excuse for being" paraphrases, of course, Kant's famous assertion that the beautiful is a purposive purposelessness.
But the modern era generates a different anxiety--that of meaninglessness and purposelessness.
Above all, artworks should not simply deny the potential to function, this being the first rule of a mythic autonomy a la Kant's "purposive purposelessness," but rather extend function itself into the realm of the speculative.
Its emphasis on 'reduc[ing] dependence on welfare wherever possible' and 'promot[ing] personal responsibility' (COAG 2012: A-23) responds to concerns that 'passive welfare dependency' has led to widespread idleness and purposelessness in remote Aboriginal communities and a breakdown in social order (Pearson 2000: 13; Abbott 2004).
The indecisiveness of the US also reveals the weaknesses -- not to mention purposelessness -- of the last remaining element to deteriorate: NATO.
But they mark a stark reversal from the purposelessness many felt was the mark of his predecessors, who battled with haemorrhaging public support and ill-disciplined and fractious Tokyo politics.
It differs from the others because of its joyful purposelessness.
Purposelessness is always a plausible explanation, of course.
They include despondency, hopelessness, purposelessness, mood and behavior changes, giving away possessions, talking or writing about suicide, and changes in eating and sleeping routines.
My reply to this objection is that the purposelessness of sentience does not imply the impossibility of sentience--and as such, that there is nothing formally wrong with the thought-experiment.
The notion that the vastness of the Copernican cosmos indicates purposelessness and insignificance is so common today as to be cliche.
Jaclene Zauszniewski's Depression Cognition Scale (DCS) asks individuals to respond to questions about helplessness, hopelessness, purposelessness, worthlessness, powerlessness, loneliness, emptiness and meaninglessness using a scale that ranges from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree.