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Synonyms for purposelessness

the quality of lacking any definite purpose

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IS PATH WARM: I = Suicide ideation, S = Substance abuse, P = Purposelessness, A1 = Anger, T = Trapped, H = Hopelessness, W = Withdrawing, A2 = Anxiety, R = Recklessness, M = Mood change.
But while these lawyers do not suffer from a sense of purposelessness, they can still succumb to a feeling of hopelessness.
Admirers will likely enjoy this insouciant, mildly metafictional novel, but others may be disappointed by its antiquated views and seeming purposelessness.
In this way, The Decision Between Us argues for an inoperative aesthetics, or a perversely Kantian purposive purposelessness that endlessly performs this negative strain, cutting through the liberal norms of co-existence, belonging and commonality.
The purposelessness, monotonousness there is highlighted by the town people's work of hole-digging, which Napier describes as "a kind of task that promotes group harmony without providing any sort of meaning for the individual's life" (Napier 241).
These symptoms may occur simultaneously or during different disease periods, showing a sudden and rapid onset, purposelessness, stereotypy, and arhythmicity.
In this way, they can overcome disappointment, frustration, disillusionments, and purposelessness that lead to burnout.
Table 1 Imminent warning signs of suicide: IS PATH WARM I Suicidal Ideation S Increased Substance abuse P Purposelessness A Anxiety, agitation, sleep disturbance T Feeling Trapped H Hopelessness W Withdrawal A Anger R Recklessness M Mood changes Source: Adapted from Reference 1 Table 2 The nature of suicidal ideation Access to means Active intent Lethality of means Method Onset, frequency, intensity, duration, precipitants Plans Proximity of help Rehearsal Specific thoughts Wishes to die
Arendt also clarifies why we struggle to accept this structure's fundamental purposelessness, arguing, "The reason why the totalitarian regimes can get so far toward realizing a fictitious, topsy-turvy world is that the outside nontotalitarian world [.
Tom has been telling Nick about his harrowing childhood for some time: the beatings, the sadness, the sense of purposelessness that pervades his daily life.
Like a garden in the wilderness, purpose always exists within a context of purposelessness.
Here she succeeds in reflecting on both generational and current plights of women devastated by personal loss and purposelessness.
Defined "as a state in which persons have a vacuous sense of self; whose sense of significance and importance is extremely marginal and whose development is devoid of, or at best insufficiently grounded in constant positive affirmation" (Beverly, 1998, 185), idiomatic purposelessness would seem a major peripheral personality disorder that affects ADP despite not being found in the DSMs or ICDs.
Among the personal circumstances that may make adjusting to retirement difficult are: health problems and financial worries that may generate feelings of stress and anxiety; the loss of a career identity that can cause low self-esteem, grief and depression; lack of day-to-day social interactions in the workplace, which can cause loneliness and feelings of isolation; and the absence of a daily work routine with meaningful tasks that may lead to feelings of boredom and purposelessness.
The idea of globalism would crowd out cosmopolitan philosophic activity or redirect our attention away from all but the material nature of our existence--and political engagement in the global city would suffer a similar purposelessness.