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  • adj

Synonyms for purposeless

without aim, purpose, or intent

lacking rational direction or purpose

Synonyms for purposeless

not evidencing any purpose or goal

serving no useful purpose

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To achieve this we will need harmonious behavior form our political leaders, wisdom and the avoidance of purposeless contradictions for useless political gains.
This is appropriate since England's next game is against San Marino, to all intents and purposeless a non-league XI.
A look at this Google map makes it hard to believe it was purposeless -- the most damaged areas in the Gaza Strip were also the most populated, with some exceptions.
Inez lost everything in a worldwide pandemic, leaving her purposeless and desperate for an escape from her isolated state.
Following a far from pleasant divorce, Lizzie and her siblings move out to a village with their play writing, whisky drinking and initially purposeless mother in tow.
All their free time is wasted leading a most passive, lazy and purposeless life.
Such heinous acts are purposeless and only aim to destabilize our national security, scare innocent citizens and residents, undermine human and economic development and threaten security and civic peace, the Council explained.
This truth has been forgotten in the west which is why there are so many lost, purposeless men.
Onion Sadly, I'm mourning his premature departure because Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, a purposeless pair whose combined wit amounted to: "Your breath is probably very smelly," to the onion eater, didn't see it that way.
Couple that with an at-present purposeless military wondering when the next budget cut might come while it scrounges for the most basic of supplies, along with new equipment a realistic decade or more away, and it's obvious that new leadership is desperately needed.
It could be that just as victims of tragedy find it hard to accept that their suffering is random and purposeless, voters find it intolerable that so many of the petty, shortsighted moves by elected officials have no greater meaning than small-time expediency.
Government officials should not be harassed by such purposeless transfers, said Janata Dal-United general secretary K.
After an hour or so, further purposeless walking ceases and the streets become quiet.
The most controversial artwork in the exhibition - Printemps (which means 'spring' in French), is a video demonstration of the spread of purposeless violence across the world.
Nearly 5,000 Pakhtun and Baloch elders have killed in the conflict in Pakistan so far, according to the minister, who said: "Thousands of elders have been lost to this purposeless and imposed war on both sides of the border.