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The sampling method was conducted as the census that the Ryff psychological well-being questionnaires in two subjects of positive relationships with others and purposefulness in life were distributed among all persons living in the dormitories, then from the questionnaires which were completed and returned, 40 students who got the well-being score 200 or lower were selected and randomly divided into two experimental and control groups.
The above mentioned situation encouraged finding an objective solution regarding the purposefulness of new service development with the application of a more unprejudiced quantitative methodology.
I, along with my co-author, John Selsky, offer an article based upon our book, "Mastering Turbulence," which focuses on purposefulness as foundational for mastering extreme turbulence (a theme we have written about before in People & Strategy).
At this moment India's priorities should be to ensure cohesion and purposefulness.
The reason we still wrestle these days with Kurdish, Armenian, Alevi, and Cyprus-related issues is due to the fact that the state chose in full knowledge and with purposefulness in the past to behave one way and not the other.
There's still something terribly magical about an album (in whatever medium it's recorded on), about the purposefulness of the artist starting at one point and ending at another; about how the journey between those points carries you in such a way as to see that last point from a particular perspective.
This Bright River sustains so many attractive quirks that its lack of purposefulness is not a burning issue.
Coun Timothy Evans (Lab, Hodge Hill) said: "Unemployment is devastating for anyone, but for someone who has never had the discipline and purposefulness of work and be on the scrap heap for some time, to get back into work is really, really hard.
The highly, almost disorientingly stylized language and imagery of writers like Spofford--so routinely dismissed or ignored for precisely these reasons--take on a new purposefulness here.
The lack of cash or elaborate ceremony should not take over the sacredness or purposefulness of marriage.
There was an increasing purposefulness to his step and an edge to his questions.
As a legislator yourself, and a former minister, you will appreciate the need for laws of clarity and purposefulness, and the need for rigorous debate amongst all parties willing to participate in that debate.
PSG defeated Kashima Antlers of Japan 5-1 in the first semi-final, in which the Japanese side lacked purposefulness and cohesion.
There's a practicality and single-minded purposefulness about most VW models that defies you to do something different with them.
She discusses how art theorists and artists distinguished original (in Dutch principael or origineel) works of art from copies (kopie) through the judgment of relative spontaneity and purposefulness of brushwork.