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Synonyms for purpose-made

designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose

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There is no need to buy expensive purpose-made cleaners.
The demand for `Bespoke' purpose-made cast stone and wet cast aesthetic products is increasing.
AUse galvanised nails such as large-headed clout nails or purpose-made plasterboard nails.
Downstairs, only the purpose-made screens giving onto the corridor are composed of acoustic glass sealed with neoprene strips.
The above contracts are now in the past but as always the demand for Bespoke's purpose-made cast stone and wet cast aesthetic products is increasing.
Despite the technical innovations, Jufo had to be a relatively cheap building, so the creation of purpose-made futuristic doors and windows was out of the question and could in any case have seemed too literal.
Satellite navigation systems which present drivers with information on traffic flow and alternative routes on purpose-made receivers are also now commonplace.
Finally, they will grow plants in purpose-made soils containing a high level of calcium silicates and monitor accumulation of calcium carbonate.
Autoglym's product was superior to the purpose-made Comma Leather Clean (750ml, pounds 4.
Rather than creating an unsightly pile, invest in a purpose-made plastic or wood composting bin.
Standard components are often rejected in favour of purpose-made ones: over the years, for instance, the practice has evolved dozens of ways of fixing structural glass in all its permutations, often with the use of special castings.
There's also a silver cigar cutter, a purpose-made cigar lighter and a special set of pens.
Ryan Capes will risk his life at the Pacific Raceway in Washington, jumping a 250 from a purpose-made take-off ramp to a landing ramp made of earth.
Next year, if the problem returns, spray with a purpose-made fungicide such as Systhane.
The division is preparing for its move into new purpose-made office facilities in Hunts Cross -a move which is scheduled to take place next March .