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Synonyms for purpose-built

designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose


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The ground-plus-two storied state of art structure comprising 27 purpose-built classrooms was said to have further provision for science and computer labs.
British based provider of financial services RBS on Friday reported that it has committed GBP1bn of capital to support the development of thousands of new, purpose-built, private rental schemes.
The collaboration is aimed at using BMW-sourced diesel engines for the upcoming purpose-built law enforcement vehicle to be made by the specialty manufacturer.
Purpose-Built, a brand and business development consulting firm specializing in personal care, was responsible for concept development, creative direction, copywriting and naming, as well as fragrance, flavor and color development.
2) 5/6,000 additional purpose-built bed spaces in a market where the number of students is increasing only slowly, will drive down rents in existing student homes of multiple occupancy (HMOs) so that students no longer have to pay the present exorbitant rents.
At present, we have 8,000 students in purpose-built accommodation and 18,000 living in residential areas (in shared houses) where they occupy almost 5% of the properties in the city.
Maryport's workers had no purpose-built homes and, despite their efforts, theirs was the first factory to be wound down.
For every two converted excavators we used to run, we now have one purpose-built Fuchs machine in its place," says Scot.
The purpose-built studio has afforded Gormley several 'very practical luxuries', such as staff changing rooms, and a designated plaster room where he can create his own body templates without contaminating the studio spaces beyond.
Although it's easy to concede that disk servers configured from PCs would have cost, configuration and upgradeability advantages over purpose-built appliances, you might guess that purpose-built iSCSI subsystems outperform disk servers built on general-purpose components.
Our model, because of the proliferation of purpose-built assisted living in Massachusetts, and because of its unbundled nature and lower cost, is considered pre-assisted living--people can drop in and out of services every day, month, or week.
has announced that Vibrant Solutions, a leading provider of Cost and Revenue Management solutions, has purchased the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) 8100 -- the world's first purpose-built, tera-scale data appliance for Fortune 1000 companies and other data-intensive organizations that need faster, more sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI).
What sets the Eclipse apart from other Session Border Controllers is that it was purpose-built to address the problems of the access edge and designed to exceed the quality expectations of enterprise customers," said Kenneth Kuenzel, co-founder, CTO and vice president of engineering, Covergence.
I SEE that local landlords are continuing with their campaign against purpose-built student accommodation (Evening Chronicle 8/7/2009).
The 830 R-HD features a working radius of 53 feet, 6 inches; a simple hydraulic system without computers; easy maintenance access; and a purpose-built crawler undercarriage for increased stability.