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Now, a video of the purported iPhone 6 dummy has been uploaded on YouTube by one user, Steve Hemmerstoffer.
They also been charged with knowingly and wilfully interfering with the administration of justice by failing to remove from Al-Jadeed TV's website and Al-Jadeed TV's YouTube channel information on purported confidential witnesses.
To impose such a duty would be to recognise as effective the legislative and administrative acts of the purported 'State' or of a body acting on behalf of that purported 'State'.
3) Asher named the condition after Karl Friedrich Hieronymous von Munchhausen (the anglicized spelling of the name is different from the German version), an 18th century (1720-1797) German baron and one-time mercenary officer in the Russian cavalry who was purported to be a teller of wildly exaggerated tales--a claim that itself may have been exaggerated.
Notice 2001-16 intermediary transactions tax shelter: A corporation's assets are sold following the purported sale of the corporation's stock to an intermediary.
Garcia, a purported member of the Vineland Boys gang, is charged with murder, attempted murder, weapons and drug charges.
Since coming to AEI, Lott, not previously known as a polymath, has expanded his range of pronouncements, penning papers and op-eds on everything from the disputed votes in Florida (he published a study which seemed to show that blacks hadn't been discriminated against, a charge which was vigorously disputed), to the McCain-Feingold campaign reform bill (he's against it) to Rush Limbaugh's firing from ESPN for saying the media let black quarterbacks like the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb off the hook too easily (Lott dashed off a quick regression analysis which purported to show that the media was, indeed, less inclined to criticize black quarterbacks).
The choice to study a purported environmental hazard gives voice to those persons concerned about what they see as a threat to their health.
It's also one of the few nutraceuticals--natural products with medicinal reputations--that have substantial scientific evidence to support its purported functions: Various studies suggest that echinacea supplements can boost immunity or shorten the duration of colds.
Another weakness of vanishing-premium lawsuits is found in another of their common characteristics--namely, that these suits are often brought on behalf of purported classes of plaintiffs.
As a result, "the courts have not employed the economic substance doctrine to disregard an entity which is recognized as bona fide under state law for the purpose of disallowing a purported valuation discount.
FDA has not evaluated scientific data concerning the safety or purported benefits of most dietary supplement products.
The leading proponent of this view was probably Nesta Webster, who wrote prolifically in the 1920s about purported Jewish conspiracies, and whose anti-revolutionary zeal may have stemmed from her belief that she had been guillotined by French revolutionaries in an earlier incarnation.
It is essential to her reading of the chapel's program that one accept that it was designed for a very sophisticated patron, Sixtus IV della Rovere, and was intended to appeal to an elite, erudite audience which would have appreciated its purported complex and polysemous structure.
The model trust requires the plan trustee to suspend payment of benefits upon written notification from a purported creditor that the employer has become insolvent.