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Synonyms for purplish-red

a red with a tinge of purple

of red tinged with purple


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Yet another clerodendrum in show-off-mode is the climber Clerodendrum x speciosum with puffed-out, purplish-red calyces and rosy-red to deep red petals.
Basically, the look like large, circular love bites and they are a purplish-red at the beginning.
Under the mantle of dusk I sat not 50 feet from the edge of the flowing lava, listening to the hellish crackle, hiss, and roar as it plunged into rolling seas amid billows of purplish-red steam.
The leaves turn brilliant shades of purplish-red in the fall.
There are also Pineapple, Blackberry and Prickly Pear Margaritas, the latter sporting a vivid purplish-red hue from a syrup made from the fruit of a desert cactus.
Split open the purplish-red rind and you'll find a mass of seeds embedded in a spongy white membrane.
I see team members around a stocky mushroom with a purplish-red top and ultrawhite underparts.
The purplish-red or pink inflorescence is a diffuse, silky panicle, 18 inches long and 10 inches wide, that stands above the wiry leaves.
Glancing up, they all saw a large, purplish-red luminous ball hovering above them.
The now-setting sun broke through and painted the nearby hills a purplish-red.
In the reddest part of the phytonutrient rainbow, we find two different tribes of molecules: the orangish-red xanthophylls and the purplish-red anthocyanins.
Chen's Purple has bright, purplish-red skin and elliptical fruit.
In addition to leaf spots, small, purplish-red -- nearly black -- raised irregularly shaped cankers (dead infected areas) form on first year canes.
But for that princely sum you can start things by thoroughly enjoying the ahi tuna carpaccio ($11), about as colorful a dish as you could ever want, with the green of fennel, the black of olives, the red of piquillo and the yellow of preserved lemon vinaigrette along with the bright purplish-red of the tuna itself.
Because the blood in our veins has already "dropped off" its oxygen at cells around the body, it becomes a more purplish-red in color.