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Synonyms for purplish-brown

of brown tinged with purple


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According to Neil Jackson, in his entertaining study of the genre in The Modern Steel House, it took seven years for Winter's little building to slowly acquire the coveted purplish-brown patina of worn-out boiler plating.
Overall coloration lemon yellow with dusky purplish-brown markings on anterior edge of propeltidium and ocular area (Fig.
Either of these will look striking fringed with a purplish-brown ophiopogon grass.
These purplish-brown pods persist until mid-January when they finally drop.
One taste is enough to teach birds to avoid this purplish-brown caterpillar with the brown saddle smack in the center of its bright green back.
The okapi uses its tongue to grab leaves and to lick its purplish-brown fur clean.
The kidneys, a pair of purplish-brown organs, are located below the ribs toward the middle of the back.
A mutation that causes purplish-brown eyes goes by the name prune.