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Synonyms for purplish-blue

of blue tinged with purple


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Chase's court documents show a big bloody lump on the woman's forehead and a large purplish-blue area around one eye.
The Roseburg mother and daughter came Sunday with Ingeroi's 8-year-old daughter, Ursula Evans, whose face was painted green with purplish-blue markings.
I looked at her skin and I could see purplish-blue marks on her body which looked a little bit like bruises.
They range from pale cream Ivory Chiffon and fiery Red Rum to purplish-blue and white Pauly, and red and yellow Tequila Flame.
Anderson even traverses the color wheel, juxtaposing purplish-blue with yellow.
The airport is voluntarily making the expenditures in hopes that some day the El Segundo blues - named after the male's purplish-blue wings - will become numerous enough to be removed from the federal government's list of endangered species.
Then the group reached Frances Stark's Untitled (Goethe), 1995, four interrelated works on paper consisting of text fragments from Goethe's novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, lightly traced out in purplish-blue carbon.
Lately, beaches on the central Oregon Coast have been covered with tons of little purplish-blue things the size of silver dollars - and with cellophanelike "sails" on them.
Each decorator began with the basics: two twin beds, two brown Formica dressers, two desks, off-white walls and a purplish-blue carpet in CSUN's Building 6.
In summer, purplish-blue lark-spur blossoms decorate mountain hillsides and meadows in the western United States.
Gina's excited (5) 4 A rich Hungarian stew from that awful hog Saul (7) 8 Purplish-blue flowers?
While the commonest form of 'Tommies' is pale lavender, there are several other varieties all equally valuable and available from some garden centres including the white-flowering 'Albus', and a deeper purplish-blue, 'Whitewell Purple' and the larger, more robust deep purple 'Ruby Giant.
Lamp Looks in Different Light, 2013, consisted of six passport photo-size "portraits" of a white lampshade that seems to change hue almost magically from purplish-blue to greenish-yellow, depending on the time of day.
First of these blight-busting superspuds was Sarpo Mira, a red-skinned maincrop that is great to start with although you could also try Kifli a waxy, white-skinned new potato flavour or Blue Danube a good roaster that has white flesh surrounded by a purplish-blue skin.
He described how her face went a purplish-blue and said he saw two tears roll down her face.