purplish red

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a red with a tinge of purple

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This changing of foliage colour under cultivation seems not to apply to our purplish red clone of former Neoregelia pabstiana, which in Australia at least, if given strong light and restricted feeding, is slow-growing but retains it's unusual tints on sub-tubular to narrowly ellipsoid rosettes to 25cms.
Bronze foliage in spring turning purplish red in autumn.
QI'M a middle-aged man and over the last few years, I've noticed my nose is becoming larger, lumpier and purplish red.
Two blue-shadow human figures stand out against a splendid tapestry of life forms (yet are separated from the display by a railing, subtly reinforcing their position at the top of the food chain), while the foreground's reflective floor becomes an abstract fugue of squiggles and spots in blue, yellow, and purplish red.
And, unless the fishmonger has removed it, there will also be a fine purplish red veil.
Babies and the elderly are most likely to develop them and tell-tale signs include tender, itchy, purplish red swellings, normally in the foot.
Q I HAVE unsightly purplish red marks on the bottom of my legs.
When the blood is low in oxygen, the hemoglobin is a purplish red color.
Rich in heavenly blue anthocyanin, the flower changes color from a purplish red to a sky blue as it opens.
Dale Chihuly, a noted area glass blower, designed the most recent trophy, a multi-piece untitled glasswork of milky white and purplish red sea creatures (see page 33).
The antioxidants and polyphenols in pistachios can be identified by the green, yellow and purplish red colors in the kernel and skins.
One such stunning masterpiece at the Exquisite Pavilions, available for purchase at SGD$3,125,000, is the Kimberley Red Diamond Ring (right) by Glajz-Thg, a company based in Singapore, which features a rare purplish red diamond, accented by white and pink diamond, and set in platinum and 18k white gold.
Uric acid gathers and crystallises at the joint, causing swelling and heat, with the skin sometimes turning a purplish red colour.
Autumn colour is just beginning on some of the Parrotias as the leaves turn dark purplish red, and they will be joined for colour at the end of the month by the Acers and Cercidiphyllums.
Mori said the squid, which was purplish red like smaller squid, attacked its quarry aggressively, calling into question the image of the animal as lethargic and slow moving.