purplish blue

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a shade of blue tinged with purple


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A biennial usually grown as an annual, it bears pink, purplish blue, or white blooms on 1- to 3-foot stems.
Hampered by the forced intimacy, they watched through a tiny porthole as the Bathysphere lurched downward and the multicolored world darkened to a purplish blue.
For a silver-blue dwarf specimen,go for C pisifera Boulevard, whose feathery foliage goes purplish blue in winter.
Fortunately Autumn Glory is not one of them because its deep purplish blue flowers and stems burnished with bronze, and dark green leaves edged with red, make a striking contribution to pots and borders at this time of year.
The background of the picture, split into two separate color fields, one green, the other a light purplish blue, further confuses the senses.
And he was completely blue, purplish blue,'' said Renee Dionne, who works in Feldman's front office.
Springborn takes in this first bunting of the day--his purplish blue head, lemon-lime back and blazing scarlet underparts and eye ring.
It also comes in every shade of wonderful purplish blue - a colour that in itself is attributed with inducing serenity and higher brain function.
The hands change colour slowly from white to purplish blue before flushing a red colour and returning to normal.
pisifera `Boulevard', whose feathery foliage goes purplish blue in winter.
Sea hollies or eryngiums that have purplish blue flower heads surrounded by a ruff of metallic blue, spiny bracts are magnificent too and look stunning with the dried silver spray-painted pepper pots of the opium poppy in stainless steel or aluminium vases.
Large (3- to 4-inch) asterlike blooms of blue, purplish blue, or white on plants to 2 feet tall.
The skies can be a gorgeous, deep purplish blue and the temperature in the 70s and 80s - as they've been for the past week or so.
4-inch I see them as pure yellow and purplish blue, gorgeously pretty.