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Synonyms for purple-tinted

of a color tinged with purple

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At Tatton Park this year, his mountain waterfall garden is softened with golden and purple-tinted flowers and a selection of graceful, trailing trees - beech, laburnum, maples and many others.
Yoko, dressed in a black suit and wearing purple-tinted glasses, flashed a peace sign at thousands of fans as she arrived at a new pounds 32.
At the lower end of the designer price range, check out Fornarina's stylish purple-tinted wraps at pounds 68 or Replay's graduated blue aviators for pounds 55.
Wearing a purple-tinted floral dress and short white coat and matching hat, the queen and Prince Philip met Perth residents at a "Great Aussie Barbecue" as their final public engagement in Australia.
The extended crucifixion epilogue contains a brooding, purple-tinted leper colony sequence, the CBSO revealing subtle strokes in the Davis score, imparting a strong aura of mystical intensity to the final scenes of spiritual revelation.
Keira's co-star Johnny Depp wore purple-tinted glasses for the curtain-raiser, subtitled Dead Man's Chest.
They also want to trace the drivers of an R-reg Rover with peeling purple-tinted windows, a red BMW and dark-coloured sports car.
They want to trace an Rreg Rover with peeling purple-tinted windows spotted in Charterhouse Avenue at 12.
At just 5ft tall with highlighted raven-black hair and purple-tinted glasses, `Auntie' Srivieng looks quite maternal.
The only concession she makes to her former glory in that Versace safety-pin dress is a pair of purple-tinted specs from the design firm.
One minute the DJ is wearing purple-tinted glasses, the next minute he has removed them.
Guests sipped champagne from purple-tinted flutes (such attention to detail), while the most extraordinary jewels stole the limelight from within the cabinets scattered about the room.