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of red tinged with purple


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Two to 3 inches in diameter, the roots are medium to dark purple-red with somewhat pronounced zonation.
The stannous compound created a purple-red appearance on de-waxed pears, which then turned brown during pasteurization.
If your hybrid roses have reverted to "wild" stems with clusters of open, purple-red flowers or vigorous, long, arching stems, it's time to do some surgery.
95 (inc p&p) contains one each of the light purple-red Alice Haslem, the rich blue semi double Lady In Blue and the white Snowsprite.
The deeply lobed leaves are purple-red until the autumn when they set the garden ablaze as they turn a brilliant red.
Its purple-red and very sweetsmelling flowers cover the bare twigs of last year's growth from now until early spring, turning this upright shrub (height 1.
davidii 'Black Knight', which produces deep purple flowers, or 'Royal Red', which has purple-red blooms.
davidii `Black Knight' , which produces deep purple flowers, or `Royal Red', which has purple-red blooms.
Their purple-red pigments--called anthocyanins--act as anti-oxidants, and thus may help prevent cancer.
Flowers are commonly in the white or purple-red range, but there are three yellow-flowered rugosas too.
This dark, purple-red wine has lovely fruit-filled aromas of a bakery shop.
I love the darker-leafed varieties such as H 'Chocolate Ruffles', with its brown, ruffled leaves and H micrantha 'Palace Purple', a clump-forming perennial with dark, purple-red foliage topped with airy sprays of white flowers in summer.
Scape erect, 30-45 x 1 cm, scattered pale punctate-lepidote; scape bracts erect, densely imbricate, the lowest elliptic, rounded and apiculate; the upper broadly elliptic and attenuate, all punctate-lepidote, dark purple-red abaxially, green tinged purple-red adaxially.
Turn the page to see ``Burgundy Iceberg,'' a rose that promises the same easy care as its white parent but with a deep purple-red color.
Mezereum is deciduous and between February and March is covered in garish purple-red flowers, but be warned - the red fruits are poisonous.